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Redmond Conditioner Testimonial
Redmond NTM Salt Testimonials

1. A customer in Pennsylvania reported that a cow they had been treating for mastitis for 11 days with no improvement, was totally cured after three days of being fed Redmond Conditioner at the rate of .5 lbs per day. When asked if he thought the conditioner had helped clear it up he said, "'No it didn't just help, it was the total cure!"

2. A dealer in Wisconsin reported that one of his customer's dairy herd was having a lot of trouble with poor health, swelling joints, and high somatic cell count. After feeding Redmond Conditioner for six days, the results were fantastic, the animals health improved, the Cell count was down, and the cows looked and acted better. 

3. A pheasant producer reported that their egg production went from 40% to 80% when they put their birds on Redmond Conditioner. Their live hatch rate went up from 75% to 95% due to fewer soft shells and their birds are livelier with Redmond Conditioner in the ration. 

4. A dairyman in Vermont reported that his milk pick up had increased by 800 lbs. after he began feeding Redmond Conditioner. He was delighted with the results and the extra money he gets now.

5. A man who raises heifers for the California dairy market, took a couple of bags of Redmond Conditioner and put it in two pens and the cows almost stumbled over each other to get at it. He said they went for it like it was candy. After that, he bought two tons more and he has continued to feed it ever since. The first thing he noticed was how it cleaned up the manure; he saw a lot less raw feed in it. Next he noticed a shine in his cows that wasn't there before, and they seemed more content. After three or four months of being on Redmond Conditioner, he took some of the cows to market and the buyers said. "Where did you get these cows, this is the best pen of cows we've ever had come in."

6. A  customer in Wisconsin who makes a deer salt mix with Redmond Salt and Redmond Conditioner, reported that the deer eat this mix more regularly than they did before the Redmond products were added. He says he thinks it helps the deer in other ways too, because this year they have had two sets of triplets born in one herd.

7. A dairyman in Wisconsin reported that he now gets 250 lbs. more milk in his tank each day than he got three weeks ago, and the only change he has made is that he now feeds Redmond Conditioner.

8. A dealer in Ohio reports that he has a dairyman whose production from 55 head of cows has Increased by 200 lbs. a day. Even at $.30 per pound as the cost, his increased cost of $5.00 per day, is only a fraction of the increased revenue that he gets.

9. A dealer in Vermont reported in December 1997, that his customers are continually finding that it lowers somatic cell count, increases milk production, and protein content.

10. An Amish customer in Ohio, who has no tractor drawn implements, called to tell us that since he put his horses on Redmond Conditioner they are in visibly better condition and he can now work them harder too, even though he gives them less feed. He also said he has a mare that could never breed
back as long as she had a colt nursing on her, but last year she had a colt and bred back on the first heat.

11. A dealer in Vermont reported that a fellow in his area had a couple of cows that he couldn't get bred even though he had tried several times, so he had a vet check them out and he said that they were okay, they were just "hard breeders'. The dealer suggested that the owner double the amount of
Redmond Conditioner that he was feeding, he did, and within 30 days both cows were pregnant.

12. A man in Pennsylvania had a couple of horses that couldn't gain weight. After he put them on Redmond Conditioner, they began to gain weight.

13. A man came into our office to buy some Conditioner and reported that he was either 'going to have to take his horses to the butcher or cut back on how much he was feeding them'. He said they were turning into a couple of butterballs since he began feeding them Conditioner.

14. A dealer in Wisconsin reported that one of his customers suggested we change the name from Redmond Conditioner to 'Total Mineral', because as soon as he replaced his mineral program with Redmond Conditioner, his milk production from 48 cows went up 250 lbs. per day and has stayed at
that level ever since. 

Redmond Conditioner Testimonial
Redmond NTM Salt Testimonials

1. A group of ranchers in Wyoming expressed that their cattle do not have any trouble with water belly when they feed with Redmond salt.

2. A rancher in Arizona says his cattle don't have trouble with "lump jaw" anymore since he started feeding Redmond salt.

3. A rancher in Oregon said, "Redmond salt is great for preventing grass tetany."

4. A rancher in Colorado told us that his cattle have no more footrot problem as long as they feed them Redmond salt.

5. Ranchers in Canada have written to us telling us their cattle have better conception rates and better calving success by feeding Redmond salt. A rancher in Colorado said he gets bigger calves and the cows calve easier since he started feeding them Redmond salt.

6. A rancher in Montana said he used to have trouble every year in the spring with grass tetany. He started feeding Redmond salt and the next spring during grass tetany season he had no grass tetany. He said that as long as he fed Redmond salt, his grass tetany problems never came back.

7. A rancher in Montana said that in two adjoining fields, he had identical cattle. To one herd he fed Redmond salt and had no footrot, to the other herd, he fed regular salt and he was always doctoring a few cases of footrot. He felt the Redmond salt made the difference.

8. We have had a lot of sheepmen in Colorado say that feeding Redmond salt eliminated white muscle problems in sheep.

9. A Redmond salt user in Michigan said that he no longer has a vet on his payroll because he has fewer animal health problems since he has changed to Redmond salt.

10. One horseman found that by feeding Redmond salt to his horses, they have less swelling of the joints and ankles. He also mentioned that his horses placed higher at the county races in 1993 than in previous years. He said that the only thing he changed in his feeding program was the Redmond salt.

11. The "Colorado Horse Rescue" in Denver brings in abandoned or abused horses and then they nurse them back to health. They said that when horses first come in, they lick Redmond salt constantly for several days, yet never get sore tongues or mouths. After a few days, they will cut back on how much they lick the salt. When pressed block is placed next to the Redmond rock salt, the horses are never seen licking the pressed block.

12. Owners of a horse stable in New Mexico told us that horses not only prefer the Redmond salt over pressed block, but they don't even allow a pressed block to remain in the feed trough with the Redmond salt. They push the pressed block out onto the stable floor.

13. A lady in Arizona said her horse had foundered and was very sick. She felt he had been exposed to excess radiation and some friends told her that feeding Redmond salt would help. The horse is fine now and she feels the salt had a lot to do with his getting better. Once she put Redmond salt out, he never licked the other salt again. Some days he does nothing but lick Redmond salt.

14. Dennis R. of Iowa says dairies he sells Redmond salt to get more milk per one pound of grain than they used to. If the dairies quit Redmond salt and go back to regular salt, the milk production goes way down.

15. A farmer near Kalona, Iowa changed from white Louisiana salt to Redmond salt and his cows went from eating a bag of salt a month to a bag of salt a week. No other changes were made in his program and that group of cows were ready for market several weeks ahead of schedule.

16 Eldon B. of Utah says his sheep don't like other salts nearly as much as the Redmond salt. He says he doesn't have as many "losses' when he feeds Redmond sail

17. Charlie T. in Vermont reported on a dairy who put a chunk of Redmond salt in a herd of cows who usually ate very little salt. They thought it would take 2 or 3 days before they would know if the cows even liked the salt. Within 20 minutes, the cows were fighting over it and continued to eat it daily. Within just a few weeks the cows had a shine to them they had never had before. Charlie has another customer who dumped a bag of crushed Redmond salt in a feeder on top of the white salt which was already in it. The cows ate the Redmond salt and when they got down to where the white salt started showing up through the Redmond, they began sorting and selecting Redmond salt and leaving the white. Neither Charlie nor the customer would have believed that cows could sort loose salt and select the one type over the other, but that is what they did; eating the Redmond and leaving the white.

18. Carl C. in New York went to feeding Redmond salt and his somatic cell count came down from 200,000 to 120,000. He feels the salt is responsible because that was the only change they made in their program. He reports his neighbor changed from regular salt to Redmond salt for his dairy cows and his milk production went up 150 lbs. per day.


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